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The ZTE Grand Memo Series started its count during last Mobile World Congress 2013, and now comes this completely revamped and modern ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE based on the older version. This has grown in Screen size from 5.7 inches to 6.0 inches that makes it look bigger and better like the Lumia 1520, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 etc.  This Smart phone comes with a bigger battery to power and run the big phone.

ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE

The ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor which might have been changed to a better processor to match its other features and specifications. The phone is not as fast as its rivals and this reflects in its operations and you can find it struggling when you are moving around your apps. With 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage it also has a microSD slot for additional expandable memory. The display in the ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE is not full HD but you have to be satisfied with only a 1280 X 720 pixel resolution especially when you see this screen gets stretched over the 6 inch sized display.

This smartphone runs on a bigger and stronger 3200mAh battery and it is claimed that this will keep your phone live for over 15 days in standby mode. Though these features are looking alright the overall build is a bit disappointing one with cheaper plastic look that spoils the style and view of the phone. Due to this your ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE   will look more like an affordable big screen phones that are scattered all over the market. This device does not feel right on your hands as you would expect with the plastic body and the not so good looking buttons.

As the ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE is of a bigger size you cannot avoid feeling the stretching of your fingers while holding it, but it is surprisingly light to hold and handle. The best part of this feature phone is its OS and it comes with the latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat but with its own custom overlay that does not go well to expand the capabilities of the Android 4.4.2

09- ZTE Grand Memo 2-1

The User Interface is not designed to match the status of the ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE   and it adds only to its cheaper looks with large oversized icons. Any techie person with a reasonable degree of sophistication will find this really rather a childish one that does not go well with the device.

In the overall, if you are looking for a top of the range SmartPhablet then ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE may not satisfy you with all its features but it will fit in the range of medium range one and its affordable price tag may make you consider this as a probable Phablet in the coming days.

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