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The world’s most famous video streaming website YouTube is preparing a lot of new features, and one of them is going to transform the YouTube platform and allow massive crowd funding of YouTube projects.  Various YouTubers and video authors will have the possibility to post funding campaigns directly on YouTube which allows them to gather funds directly from their fans and viewers.

Until now there were two ways for earning money on YouTube, one of them is by being a partner or by monetizing ads on the YouTube platform itself, and the other one was by gathering money and donations. The second way was done on other websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or PayPal and YouTube was only a partial secondary player.

It would be much easier for users and more profitable for YouTube when everything would take place on YouTube itself.

This platform upgrade is still in working mode, which is why there aren’t any details on how the crowd funding would work and where will this option be implemented exactly. It is expected that the more detailed press release will be published during the summer.

From other new features, we have an app made exclusively for administration of YouTube channels. Moderation of comments, statistics and other important things will now be possible on mobile devices, and not only via browser access.

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