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Xperia z2 vs Lumia 1050

Now here we have brought a competition between the two  giant smartphone makers that is  Nokia and Sony, both these smartphone makers are struggling very hard to hold their positions.

Sony after getting split from  ericsson is trying its level best to give a tough competition to the other top ranked smartphone makers. While on the other hand Nokia which was taken over by Microsoft is trying to achieve the same position which it use to hold 3-4 years back.

In this article we are comparing Nokia Lumia 1050 with  Sony Xperia ZII.

Now lets give brief specs and features of Sony Xperia ZII

  • 3GB RAM- It is rumored that the Xperia ZII  will have a RAM of 3 GB. Now in order to increase the performance of the new smartphone ,Sony is using a 3GB RAM in its new phone.
  • Android 4.4 as  its new OS- The new Xperia ZII  will have the new and latest Android version that is Android 4.4 . Previously Sony used the  Android 4.2 version in Xperia Z1.
Sony_Xperia zii

Sony_Xperia zii


  •  5.2 inches display- It is rumored that the new Xperia ZII will have a screen size of 5.2 inches, it will be a full HD 1080p screen
  •  25 MP camera-  Sony will be using  a 25 MP camera as the rear camera in the new Xperia ZII.. Not only this, it will also have different shooting and capturing modes.
  •  Price- The new Xperia ZII will cost around 870 US dollars or 650 Euro or 55,000 INR
  • Release date- It is expected that the new Xperia ZII will be in market by april or May.

Now lets give you a brief specifications of Nokia Lumia 1050.

  •  6inches screen size- New Nokia Lumia 1050 will have a screen size of 6 inches will be larger then the new Xperia Zii.The bigger screen size will make it like a phablet but on the other hand it will make it less handy.
  •  3 GB RAM-The RAM used in new Nokia 1050 will be of 3GB which means it will be same as that of Xperia ZII.


nokia 1050

nokia 1050

  •  32 GB internal memory- The internal memory of Lumia 1050 will be atleast 32 GB.
  •  External SD card slot- The external SD card slot will also be present in the new Nokia Lumia 1050.
  •  A Quadcore snapdragon-800 CPU will be used as a processor in the new Lumia 1050.

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