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Xperia z2 price

Sony announced Xperia Z1 at IFA in September 2013. Now all the eyes are on the Sony’s next flagship that is Xperia ZII. Xperia ZII is code named as Xperia Sirius.

This time Sony is working very hard in order to be in the top ranked smartphone makers so Sony is trying its level best to please its customers.It is expected that Sony Xperia ZII will be the best smartphones of all its types

Sony_Xperia zii

Sony_Xperia zii


Now let give you a brief about the specifications of Sony Xperia ZII

  • 3GB RAM- It is rumored that the Xperia ZII  will have a RAM of 3 GB. Now in order to increase the performance of the new smartphone ,Sony is using a 3GB RAM in its new phone.
  • Android 4.4 as  its new OS- The new Xperia ZII  will have the new and latest Android version that is Android 4.4 . Previously Sony used the  Android 4.2 version in Xperia Z1.
  • 5.2 inches display- It is rumored that the new Xperia ZII will have a screen size of 5.2 inches, it will be a full HD 1080p screen
  •  25 MP camera-  Sony will be using  a 25 MP camera as the rear camera in the new Xperia ZII.. Not only this, it will also have different shooting and capturing modes.

  Now lets talk about the price of new XperiaZII

As we all know that Sony always focuses on the quality of the product which it offers to its customers that why Sony smartphone are always expensive then the smartphone of other smartphone makers like- Nokia, Micromax, Samsung, LG.

According to the latest rumors the new Xperia ZII will cost around $870  or  Euro 650 approximately or Rs. 55,000 INR.

Since the new Sony Xperia ZII will be a very high-end device with all cutting-edge features , so it is expected that price could be even more.



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