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The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has launched smart bracelet next to its latest flagship. The bracelet is called Mi Band and it offers a lot of interesting functions.

It comes in various interesting colors and the bracelet costs only $13, and for that price you will be getting a pedometer which measures your walking and running, a sensor which will measure your sleep and your tumbling during sleep, as well as vibrate function and alarm which will wake you up when necessary.

The device is waterproof and the battery should run the device successfully up to 30 days.  If this battery lifetime proves to be true, then Mi Band will be more then decent competitor to other wearable technology products that usually offer 7 to 10 days of active work.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, you will be able to unlock it with a bracelet by putting it near the phone.

Of course we are expecting that the bracelets will be sold extremely fast, and if Xiaomi adds support for all Android devices that would be an awesome business move.

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