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Could Microsoft really go that far and offer Windows 9 for free for users who have previously owned a copy of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7?

This could actually happen, considering that the focus has been shifted from Windows 8 to its successor which is expected on spring 2015.

On her blog Mary Joe Foley from ZDnet quotes the rumors that are talking about the possibility that Microsoft could offer some form of contract to the users of these three operating systems in order to try and persuade them to leave their older operating system.

This contract could be a free upgrade to Windows 9.

Microsoft has also offered similar contracts and offers in the past, considering the high number of Windows XP users the free upgrade could really persuade them to decide to upgrade to the new operating system.

According to Jolie’s sources, the second update for Windows 8.1 should be available on August 12th and it probably won’t be mandatory for users and it will probably bring some smaller design changes.

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