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Pebble’s latest smart watch seems to be targeting the 40 plus bracket as the stainless steel design looks simply amazing for the grown-ups. But, why exactly you require a smart watch? It’s not that difficult to answer. You wish to club your smart phone with your stylish and trendy tech-wearable so that you can easily receive all urgent notifications without looking at your mobile. And most importantly don’t forget its prime functionality. You can definitely see what time it is.



The first glance at the pebble steel reminds you of the corporate steel watch which you would love to spot with any of your official suit, jacket, pullovers or simply your shirt. The watch looks way masculine in its styling with a black bezel metal look with a monochrome screen. The smartwatch is available in two designs, matte black and closely brushed stainless steel.

The smartwatch has its four main buttons in the display of 1.26inches with 144×168 pixels e paper panel. The wearable has been equipped with an LED light and has a magnificent Corning Gorilla glass protection against the scratches. You can find a newly developed and improvised magnetic charging point at the left of the Steel to provide a comfort in charging the device. The smart watch offers you an additional leather strap which you can interchange if you don’t like the pure steel look.

Continuous notifications

The ultimate utility of the smart watch is to get connected with your smartphone and keep providing you nonstop uninterrupted notification by its compatible behavior with the different apps. The software behind this meticulously crafted smart watch is Pebble 2.0 which supports iPhone as well as android platform. You can comfortably set up any notification through texts, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, e-mail and as you know the list never ends.

Any notification will result in a vibration with a tone alert and this might be sometimes very annoying as you will require looking at the watch again and again. You have an option with the do not disturb feature for the night and even when you are in some very important meeting. The continuous vibrations will drain out a lot of battery and would ask for a charging it again.


Steel shows a great deal of compatibility with both Apple and Android platform but, you get a better balance with the android phones as you have the option to easy control the various notification and calls.

2.0 Pebble apps

You have an option to configure eight apps with faces in your mobile section and you can have their view in your smartwatch. You can also play music and skip tracks in 2.0 Pebble.

There are several significant features like different styles of time watching and the best menu display so far. Pebble Steel is a specialized smartwatch and does not seem like a complimentary smart phone gear. There is no doubt at present that Pebble 2.0 is one of the best smart watches available.

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