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Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant has showed its bad size in the latest company’s commercial.

The commercial comperes Cotana with Siri, and it starts by simulated iPhone 5S who looks itself in a mirror. This ideal moment is interrupted  by HTC One M8 for Windows by shadowing iPhone with bigger screen and elegant design.

“But I am much more then a pretty face” – say Siri. “So am I” replies Cortana and adds “I can check your calendar, then traffic and then schedule your manicure on time”.

Even though Cortana scores here, there is a question whether she can really do everything promised in the commercial?

Analysis performed by Mashable shows that Cortana is pretty good when it comes to predicting the user needs, but her predictions can sometime be wrong. However, it seems like she does a better job then Siri.

Despite having better personal assistant, Windows Phone still has problems with number of applications. Microsoft has offered 300 000 apps in August comparing to 1.2 million offered by iOS.

You can check out Siri vs. Cortana Mirror Mirror commercial below:

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