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Apple fans are waiting for some news on what the company decides to release as a part of their mobile product line. Will there be an iPhone 6c or will Apple go directly with the iPhone 7?

There has been lots of talking this week after Apple announced the release of their smart watch about the way the iPhone will go. If Apple implements the Force Touch technology to the next phone model they produce, it will be a shame to label it simply as a 6c or 6s because this model will deserve a line of its own.

This idea was supported by the statements of some Apple heavy hitters like Ming Chi Kuo, but the fact that Apple has released a S or C sequel for almost all of their past couple of models leaves things hanging above a certain level of uncertainty.

Some of the designers out there that keep a close eye on the evolution of the iPhone have even created some designs that could happen as soon as the iPhone 8 model comes out somewhere in 2016 or 2017. Macedonian designer posted some interesting concepts at Behance about the iPhone 8 that feature small solar panels and laser keyboard among other things.

With the way Apple has improved over the past couple of years and the fact that they’re investing in new technologies every month, it will not be a surprise even if the iPhone 7 sees some of these improvements.




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