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While Apple is preparing for unveiling of its next generation of iPhone, internet is being flown with hundreds of rumors and guess matches what the users could expect.

Regardless if it’s going to be called iPhone 6 or somehow different, the users would like to see some new functions on their new iPhone:

Built in infrared blaster

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 have built in infrared blaster, that allows their users to convert their smartphone into a remote for almost any device, including TV, air condition and even lights.

Near Field Communication

Most of the rumors were about Apple embracing the NFC, thus allowing payments with iPhone.
Even though a few of the biggest companies have already adopted this technology it seems that Apple is waiting for a bigger popularity of near field communications.

Upgraded Siri

Apple has been talking about new and improved Siri a lot, but they never delivered. Siri is steadily being overthrown by Google Now, and late bloomer Microsoft’s Cortana.

Siri has been slightly upgraded with an iPhone 5, it got a few options, including choice between male and female voice, but that’s mostly it.

This personal assistant is still long way from its real role, but we can hope that there will be some progress on iPhone 6.

Wireless Charging

If you have desire to charge your phone wirelessly at the moment, you have to buy specific casing and docking.

Widgets and adjustable home screen

One of the advantages of Android is the possibility of using widgets, plus screen adjustment in order to reach desired information faster.

iOS has certain options, but it is not remotely near users wishes.
Waterproof devices

Sony and Samsung already announced them. What is Apple waiting for?

More storage space

Back in 2010 there were stories about new Toshiba 128 GB Nano flash modules, but iPhone is still offering 64 GB of internal storage as the best available option.

Faster processor and better 3D graphics

Apple has constantly been improving 3D graphics capabilities of an iPhone, so if we do not get a similar update with iPhone 6, we will probably be a bit disappointed.

Bigger screen

Already for some time now, users have been looking at smartphones with bigger screens then 4.6 inches with approval. Rumors are circling that the Apple is finally ready to offer their customers an iPhone with display size from 4.6 to 4.8 inches.

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