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Wearable Technology Stealing the Show at Mobile World Congress 2014

This year’s MWC 2014 has seen a sea change in the new mobile based technologies and the Wearable technology has taken its due share  and goes mainstream in the World’s most expected Mobile technology show currently on in Barcelona. Samsung’s Gear Gadgets, Smart Band range of Sony, and Nymi Wearbles were the ones that attracted so much of attention during the show.


Many of the industry’s heavy weights and giants of the electronics industry seems to have realized the enormous potential in the Wearbles range of products and MWC 2014 has become their best venue to showcase their line of thinking and how the Wearable’s industry is ready to take you into the future of emerging mobile technologies and the gadgets based on them.

There were many new announcements for the forthcoming new wearable gadgets. It all started with Sony’s SmartBand that started the line of products in activity tracking that has promised detailed life- logging and related enhancements.

Samsung has not lagged behind and has introduced its Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo the smart pieces that have attracted so much attention among the young generation. The Gear Fit from Samsung is yet another fitness band that is going to take an important place on the hands of many people in the coming months.


Huawei the Chinese phone maker has announced its own TalkBand B1. It has become feature rich and has become much more than the ordinary pedometer. Now it comes with a wireless Bluetooth earpiece and you can make hands free calls through the TalkBandB1. Motorola and HTC are also in the Wearables market and soon we can expect good line of products from them.

So, expect the world to change more to the tech savvy of you with hi-tech wristbands to scifi like eyewear to gizmos on your wrists that have more capabilities than just telling you the current time.

So, it is no wonder that MWC 2014 has become a hot place for the new Wearbles range of products.

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