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Valve is currently working on a Half Life 3 according to the former employee of Valve and co-creator of Counter Strike Minh Le.
In recent interview he said that he rather wouldn’t talk about whether Half Life 3 is going to see the light of day, but he has eventually decided to reveal some of the details.

“I think that I saw something that looks like it has come from the Half Life 3 universe. I think I wouldn’t be surprising anybody when I would say that Valve is working on a Half Life installment. Considering that, I think I can presume that I have seen some small portions from the Half Life 3, some early sketches” – Le said.

Half Life is a legendary sci-fi FPS video game developed by Valve. It was published in 1998. by Sierra Studios for PC, and later on the game has become available for PlayStation.

The second part Half Life 2 has come out in 2004 and it features two more episodes that have been developed later. The episode two which was published in 2007 ends in a cliff hanger scene, and the long awaiting third episode or standalone Half Life 3 has been awaited ever since.

In the Half Life series the players take the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman who is a theoretical physicist who must find a way to escape from an underground scientific facility Black Mesa because experiments with teleportation technology have gone wrong.

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