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Skype has become one of the most popular communication applications mainly because it came before Viber, Wassup and other similar apps. With the sudden switch in the industry it has become increasingly important to go a step further and differentiate from your competition.

Skype has entered the mobile apps market, but one of their biggest concerns was the desktop environment. Rarely who would suspect, but great number of users have the habit to start one of their communication apps from their browser.

Skype for Web beta is now open to all users in the US and UK

The reasons for this are mainly connected with the limited range of devices some users possess or the limited internet bandwidth connection in some areas. You should know that there are places where people still go to internet cafes to talk with their overseas relatives.

So, imagine a situation where you’re in a local coffee shop and there’s no Skype installed on that PC. Wouldn’t it be better that you could enter the Skype interface through a web browser? After all, you can open up your Viber account on your desktop PCs browser, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same with Skype?

It seems like Skype is finally entering the browsers market as the company officially stated how all of their users located in the US and the UK will be able to access Skype through their Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer or Opera browser, but only if they use at least a Windows X OS.

Considering the assumption that this browser stuff is a thing of the future, we can rest assured how Skype is planning to expand this offer to all operating systems across all nations internationally.


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