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Toyota has created one of the most illogical vehicles you’ll ever meet. The new limousine truck seems like something you would saw on a top 10 fails list. I mean, why would you use it? To go fishing or hunting in style? But there are some situations when this bulky terrain vehicle can come in handy.

The Toyota Tundrasine is actually a modified model of the original Toyota Tundra, which is a high performance truck, very popular on the US market. The half-truck, half-limo hybrid is luxurious enough to get you to the red carpet and functional enough to provide the perfect camping vehicle for you and your family.

This limo truck gives a whole new meaning to the word chauffeur. From now on the work of the official driver is not limited to the city grounds only. You can get a call at any moment to go and drive people to the Burning Man festival and it wouldn’t present a problem with the Tundrasine.


The Tundrasine is based on the 1974 Toyota Tundra edition, which was labeled as 4×4 CrewMax model. The height and width remained the same, while the only difference is in the length of the new Toyota. The 19.6 feet truck uses a 5.7 liter V-8 engine and the same 4×4 technology called drive train as the original model. This motor can produce up to 381 of horsepower, which is necessary to move this 8 door monster. The interior design is fully customized and it features a full brown leather elements, which can accommodate up to 9 passengers.


The tricky part is that you would need to finance the production of your own Toyota Tundrasine on your own, as it was a one thing only for the company presenting it at the SEMA earlier this year.



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