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Specialized agency of the United Nations(ITU) located in Geneva, Switzerland has published a report about internet usage and number of online users and it has reported that the total number of users of the world wide web will reach 3 billion by the end of this year.

Two thirds of the total number of web users will be from vastly populated, but tech developed countries like India or Brazil. Also the total number of users surfing from mobile devices will reach 2.3 billion.

On the planetary level, the penetration of internet has reached 40 percent.
Fixed broadband connection monthly pays over 711 million subscribers which is 243 million subscribers then 5 years ago.

Asia leads with the highest number of users and takes up to 44%, while Europe has penetration of 25%. Unfortunately Africa has only 0.5% which is pretty sad news.

But if you look at Africa desperately, by the end of 2014. there will be 20% of the population using internet, which is a decent growth from 10 percent in 2010.

Highest growth in mobile users has been seen in Europe, 64% higher growth. Northern and South America follow with 59 percent growth.

By the end of 2014. 83.7% of users in developed countries will be using mobile internet. The total penetration of the web in Europe will reach 75 percent which means that three out of four people will have access to a broadband connection.

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