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The thing you see above is a small gadget holding the key to energy consumption of the future. It may look like something you’ve scrapped from old radio parts, but Freevolt is a real product created by Drayson Technologies published earlier today, which allows the user to run a low spending electric device forever without charging them a dime.

Don’t be surprised by the casualty we’ve mentioned this Freevolt ability, this is something huge indeed. Imagine having ten devices in your home running on Freevolt only, running on the power created by radio waves. Sounds, and it is, amazing, but surely there’s a catch. I mean who would allow a mediocre to unknown company previously engaged only in all-electric racing researches.

This is actually the first ever commercial product Drayson Technologies have released till date and is certainly a big one. Powering devices out of low frequency radio waves isn’t anything new, but in all previous proof to concept scenarios a dedicated transmitter was applied, something lacking with the Freevolt. Another interesting situation to mention is that not a single research till now has left the lab.

It’s true that a company named Nikola Lab is on the verge of creating an iPhone case that would use radio frequencies to extend the life of your battery, but that can’t compare to this situation. Drayson have made an official statement in which they state how the main reason behind their big breakthrough lays hidden behind the nature of the elements Freevolt is constructed of. All the radio frequencies are received through a multi-band antenna within a range of 0.5-5 GHz. All of these signals are processed through an efficient rectifier, whose sole purpose is to transfer this energy into electricity. At the end of the chain you will find a power management module that stores and outputs the received electricity.

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