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At this year’s Buld conference held in April, Microsoft has shown the possible look of a future new Start menu for its Windows operating system. According to talks held at the Build, the next big update of Windows 8.1 should be bringing us the merger of classic Start menu with some new features like tabs from Metro UI.

All this brings us to the latest leaked, still unofficial screenshot of a device which has installed Windows 8.1 with that kind of update.

Below you can see a menu that looks a lot like one on shown on the Build conference, but with small changes in order and the content of Metro UI tabs.

The source that has published this image, web portal Neowin.net claims that it is completely authentic, while some of the experts from the industry think it is a fake screenshot. If you look more closely, you can also see name and number of the working version of the system, build 9788, and there is also some information telling us that this is Windows 8.1 Pro edition.

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