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Nest has focused on developing the best smart thermostat on the market, being the most successful company in this surprisingly competitive niche over the past four years. To celebrate the four year existence of their thermostat, the company decided to release a third generation, which is set to be the best one yet.

If that wasn’t a surprise for you, the latest generation after all is always the best just look at the iPhone evolution, you may end up among the surprised ones after you hear how much money and energy can this little gadget save you. Latest estimates, and small in home researches, have confirmed that by using this smart thermostat you’ll be able to save up to 30% of your monthly energy expenditures. Meaning, you’ll spending less money on heating, no matter the method you use.

Nest Thermostat

Able to achieve this makes smart technology equally important as atomic energy to the future of humanity, but let’s stick to the “little man” stuff and see what’s inside of this cool and compatible thermostat. In short, not much. If you open up the device you’ll see only couple of wires stuck to a mini led screen, but what about installation.

The people at Nest are the best in the business of smart thermostats for a reason. That’s why when you buy the device you’ll be directed towards the company’s official page where you can use the compatibility tool to find out if your heating is good to go and start installing your new thermostat.

If your heating system needs some work to be done before you can install the device, Nest will refer you towards local service providers that will make the job easier for you. In other words, all you need to do is purchase Nest’s new third generation thermostat and enjoy the benefits of having a smart heating system while managing to save ridiculous amounts of money.

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