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There’s lots of talk in the computing industry that RAM will eventually become obsolete, with the emergence of new technologies, but in reality it’s still one of the most important PC hardware elements, and at the same time it represents the cheapest way to upgrade the speed of your computer. You’ve probably added some gigabytes of RAM to your laptop or computer and it didn’t cost you much, but imagine if you could add 128 gigabytes of RAM at once.

The developing team at Samsung thought the same thing and that’s why the company decided to create and produce a 128GB DDR4 RAM chip. Just look at the picture above and see if there’s any difference between this giant and the 512MB RAM on your Pentium 2 computer. You’ll probably mix them up if they’re not labeled in your local electronic store, but let’s see who can use this monster and how much it will cost you.

You’re already thinking about upgrading your gaming machine, but the probability of this happening is pretty low as the new Samsung 128GB RAM chip is mainly focused towards the data center industry, where ridiculous amounts of data are calculated each millisecond.

The first reason why you couldn’t use this RAM chip is because it will overkill your processor. There’s no such processor on the individual user market, the ones that go between $50 and $1000, that will be able to support such a powerful tool.

The people at Samsung were innovative enough to think about energy efficiency, while creating such a powerful memory solution. This is not the first time such a powerful product has hit the market, but it’s the first time such big piece of computing power is spending so little energy, making it 50% more energy efficient compared to its counterparts.

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