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If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you’ll want to stay tuned and see what the Pyro Mini Fireshooter has to offer. This little wrist strap on device defines physics and allows you to be a real life Son Goku. Blowing up little objects with fireballs coming out of your pocket is now a reality.

The Mini version of the product came after the great success of the initial model, which offered greater power and velocity, but was very bulky. Pyro Mini is half the size and 90% the fire power of its predecessor. Just strap it around your wrist and you can start shooting fireballs.

While the size is more compact and it will be easier for you to carry your Pyro unnoticed everywhere you go, you’ll need to recharge it a bit more often, as it features only two barrels, compared to the four barrels present with the original model.


Nothing too dangerous is happening in the background of Pyro Mini as it uses flash paper to generate sparks of fire which are enough to give the impression you’re shooting fireballs. To initiate the process you need to trigger a button found on the inner side of Pyro, which is probably easiest to do with your opposite hand.

One press of this button will give you a shot from a single barrel, but you can also hold a little bit longer and get a double explosion from both barrels. If you’d like to surprise somebody with your superhero abilities, you can use the remote to fire.


The battery will allow you to shoot around 600 times during one charge, but you’ll need to recharge the flashing paper department before each explosion. For the price of $147 Pyro Mini looks like a cool gadget to play jokes on your friends.

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