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Imagine the OnePlus X as a smaller, more compatible, and cheaper version of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models created by Apple. Some folks see this as a negative, but let’s really see how good can a phone, based on Apple models, actually be.

With the iPhone 6 Apple has long forgotten about their previous two models, but this doesn’t mean these phones should be forgotten. They, especially the 4, offered reliability and ease of use like no other smartphone before them, so why is it a bad thing to get those functionalities in an era where Samsung has phones worth well over $500 looking more like laptops with those huge screens.

The OnePlus X offers a totally modern design with its background based solely on glass, giving it a more sophisticated touch with some smooth and rounded edges. You need to feel the X laying in your hand, just to determine that it’s strange how a cellphone like this one goes for only $250, no contracts included.

It’s all about details with this latest addition to the HTC family, and having in mind it operates using Google’s Android OS, you’ll feel like you’re operating a smaller version of their Nexus, which by the way is turning to be an industry giant and a serious competition to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy models.

Although there’s plenty to look forward with the OnePlus X, there are also lots of things you wont be a huge fan of. For example, you may like the witty yet simple industrial looking design of the phone, but be aware that the glass on the back of the phone is a magnet for fingerprints and the material on both the front and the back of the phone is so delicate, you’ll scratch it the first minute your get it out of the box.

All of this can be solved with a 10$ phone mask, but is something worth mentioning. Nevertheless, the OnePlus X is a top choice if you’re looking for a affordable yet functional smartphone. The only catch is that it’s still hard to find one on the market.


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