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All the magic in the Mobile World begins in the Mobile World Congress 2014 currently open in Barcelona Spain.  Here is the place where most of the new Mobile devices are shown to the World for the first time. True to its tradition many new launches have taken place during this great show. Notable among them is the launching of Samsung Galaxy S5.


This wonder device is termed as the flagship product of Samsung for the current year. It has come with so many new and not so new features and still it is far in front of other devices that are going to rule the mobile world for months to come.

This device was expected to have so many new features that have been the subject matter of rumors about this Smart phone during the recent times. But it is a disappointment that it has no headline feature that is going to attract the masses to spend their hard earned money to have this Phone.

But still there are many interesting features that add to the functionality and utility of the new Phone device like

  • 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen
  • Water- resistance
  • Dust resistance
  • 5S-esque fingerprint scanner on the home key
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat versions etc.

Apart from this, what makes the Samsung S5 unique from other similar smart mobile phones is its thrust given to the fitness aspect. The Galaxy S5 comes with the newest of the health apps called as the S- Health 3.0 that enables the user to use this Smart device to know their fitness levels in an easy and effortless way.

The heart rate monitor boasted as one of the new feature in Galaxy S5 is designed to get your heart rate reading from one of your fingers in about 8 seconds. With this device termed as one of the most holistic of the fitness trackers available in these devices, it should give a hassle free way to know your fitness through your own smart phone.

Samsung has worked well to tone up the User Interface also and most notable among them being the changes made to the lock screen and the notifications bar.

Galaxy S5 comes with a strong 2800mAH battery that should give more life to your Smart device before plugging it to get recharged. With more concentration to the Samsung’s ultra-power-saving mode should help you get more air time on your S5 between recharges.


The strongest of all the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is its whopping 16 MP Camera and it has been boasted that with this device you can easily shoot and view 4 K videos. This camera also has host of other useful features like real time HDR, 0.3s capture rate, background refocus etc. For the sake of video callers you also have a 2.1 MP front camera.

Samsung has announced that the new Galaxy S5 will be available in four colors for sale in over 150 Nations world over from 11th of April this year and this must be the good news the Samsung lovers have been expecting from MWC 2014.


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