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Everyone that wants to play games in 4K with frame rates that will satisfy almost any serious gamer will need to check out the latest release by NVIDIA, their $650 worth GTX 980 Ti video card. This year’s release of the GTX 980 that came in 2014 is even more powerful than its predecessor by making significant changes to its components list.

The 176 texture units that are a part of the newest NVIDIA video card are backed up by 2816 CUDA cores, which are parallel processing enabled. Compared to last year’s release this segment is by 38 percent better and automatically faster.

Another segment that also saw an improvement of around 50% of its previous value is the RAM memory that now amounts to 6 gigabytes contrary the previous 4 gigabytes.

The whole card system is based on the GM200 GPU, which can be found in the features list of the Titan X Card, which is valued at $1000. This is a great way for the company to produce a moderately affordable version in the video card section.

All of the improved features that are a part of the GTX 980 Ti model will allow you to play games in 4k without noticing any glitches, in fact you will notice significant performance improvements at times.

One of the reasons why the company released a new and improved model only a year after they promoted a powerful yet affordable video card is because a great majority of the games that came out in 2014 and at the beginning of 2015 require strong graphic cards with at least 6 gigabytes of RAM.


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