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One of the biggest issues connected with the usage of tablets and mobile devices for work is the productivity that you can achieve while writing on them. Touch screens are great, but they just don’t offer that much freedom when it comes to typing.

Jorno bluetooth keyboard open

That’s why wireless keyboards are one of the gadgets on the market that pop up on daily basis. The problem is that not each one of them offers enough functionality in order to perceive it as a game changer when we talk about productivity.

The Jorno Bluetooth keyboard is a new kid in the game, but it surely offers things that not so many items in the niche have. You can fold it up while traveling as it is consisted of three fold-able parts and the best part is that it’s very slim once you open it up.

When you know that you can connect Jorno not only with Android and iOS devices, but with all devices that support Bluetooth technology things become even better.

Fold the Jorno keyboard and you will get a tiny piece of hardware, but when you spread it on the table you’ll notice that it’s only 10% smaller than the average keyboard that you use with your PC. This results with a spacey keyboard where you wont need to cramp your fingers while working.

The protective case that you can use to carry the Jorno keyboard around can be used as an adjustable device stand as well. This means that you get two elements for the price of one. Who could ask for more?

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