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If you work in a dark environment or you need to see in the dark for any other reason, maybe you’re a scout or a hunter, the FLIR Scout TK is the perfect solution for you.

Although the product is of high quality it wouldn’t prove helpful to photographers that want to capture landscapes during night time.

All of this is something smartphones that are equipped with thermal vision can do, but let’s see why is FLIR Scout TK the better option.

The size of this interesting monocular is 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches and it weighs around 6 ounces, which makes it a crafty device you can keep in your pockets. You go camping or you’re at a twenty day music festival, something needs to be done with that low lighting. Instead of waiting for other people to help you out or looking for a flashlight, think about bringing a FLIR Scout TK with you.


One of the things making this monocular super useful is the fact you can comfortably place it in your pocket. The next big thing we need to cover is the quality of the night vision that it provides, which allows its users to detect small and large objects at the distance of around 100 yards.

Switch between different color combinations, so you get the perfect viewing experience. After this you can decide to take pictures or record videos, without the need to connect your FLIR Scout TK with a smartphone. The design of the device on the other hand allows you to use it in hard weather conditions.

Some of the other features include a 20×16 field of view, layout consisted out of only four buttons that’s easy to navigate through, 6


Features include a 20 x 16 degree field of view (horizontal x vertical), a simple four-button layout, and a built-in LCD display (640 x 480 resolution). It comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep it running for a five straight hours in a single charge.

Slated for availability soon, the FLIR Scout TK is priced at $600.

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