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Exactly twenty years ago, in 1994, the first smartphone to see the light of the day has been released. Completely different, but somehow really similar to today’s smartphones, Simon has started to lead the way for modern phones.
This phone from IBM has combined the possibilities of known mobile and land line phones of the day and PDA devices. Simon was about to secure IBM as a player on the mobile phone market. Even though it has failed commercially this device will be remembered in history as the first smartphone in the world.

In 1994 when it hit sales, Simon has had the battery which could last only one hour (two decades later, smartphones still have battery troubles).

Despite it was designed as a mobile device, Simon weighted 500 grams and in terms of size it was more similar to nowadays phablet and tablet devices.

When it comes to price, well, the first smartphone was pretty expensive. The first Simon smartphones were priced at $899.

Simon has only worked in the United States, but in that time mobile internet hasn’t existed, but this smartphone had the ability to send faxes. You could also send emails, but only if you connected Simon’s base with your PC.

Six years after the release of Simon, the term smartphone has been used for the first time. In 2000 that term has been used to describe Ericsson R380, the first mobile device that has been powered by Symbian operating system.

Simon will again be the center of attention at least for a while. This year on October 25th in Museum of Science in London the exhibit about information and communication technologies will be held where Simon will be officially exhibited as the first smartphone in the world.

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