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Somehow in shadow of day before yesterday’s promotion of “the best Apple products in history”, the information about iPod classic going to history has passed unnoticed.

It took for years for this “death” to be de facto final, and confirmation for that comes from a new updated with new products version of Apple website where with all new stuff and design there is no sign of iPod classic.

This decision was just a matter of time, regardless that traditional fans were against it. The last time iPod classic has been updated in any way was in 2008 when the hard disk size was defined and adjusted to meet the needs of users. The design of iPod classic has remained practically the smae since 2004 and when you draw the line – the epilogue is that Apple doesn’t sell products with clickwheel anymore.

However, iPod shuffle still has a wheel that reminds a bit to click wheel, but it does not have the same function and its purpose is completely different. Clickwheel as a key part of the interface of that age has been long overcome by the touchscreen interface which is still in use on new iPhone 6 as well as Apple Watch.

Another important thing after cancellation of iPod Classic and removal of iPhone 4S as well as iPad 2 earlier this year – from today officially there aren’t any Apple devices in sales with 30 pin connector.

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