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HTC has survived two big hits over the past six months when their international One M9 and the Chinese version of their M9+ processor were both flagged as flawed. This was a big hit on these two Android flagships created by the company with the sole goal of taking over the mobile market on the far east.

The China only M9+ was created in order to replace the remarkable Snapdragon 810 processor because of its underwhelming Media Tek feature.

After this big failure HTC decided to mix the best from both worlds and produce the J Butterfly smartphone also known as Butterfly 3, which is supposed to hit the open market in couple of weeks. This will probably be the top operating smartphone made solely out of plastic, with a really poor design at the same time, but there’s one problem.

The Butterfly 3 or J Butterfly as you prefer, will be available only for customers residing in Japan. Although made solely out of plastic components, this little beast hides huge amount of power in its battery and features a list of some of the latest specifications in the industry.

It seems like HTC placed every possible component they could think of in this model and it resulted with enormous operating speed, which could be one of the things that the Western hemisphere market is looking for the first in a smartphone.

In order to produce one of the fastest smartphones ever created, HTC needed to think out of the box and mix elements like the octa-core 65 bit S810 processor together with a 2560×1440 HD screen that can make all of those pictures taken with the 20 MP Duo camera look pretty much alive. Even the front camera is powerful enough to take 13 megapixel selfies with ease.

The Butterfly 3 will also feature a 32 GB of storage capacity that can be accompanied with a microSD card of any size. The user interface is powered by Sense 7 software running on the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop.




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