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The new Samsung Galaxy S5 that saw its launch during the MWC 14 in Barcelona is being boasted as the flagship product of Samsung. It was expected that is likely to have significant and totally unexpected features that were expected to take the Smartphone Gadgets to the new world of mobile computing. But Samsung has disappointed its fans in this respect to a certain extent.31

  Samsung Galaxy S5 is still way advanced than other similar Gadgets that saw their inaugural light during the Mobile World Congress 2014 with some of the most advanced features.

Here are the most important of them that will have a weightage while you are making the purchase decision of this great Smartphone during the coming months.

  • Finger Print Scanner– Samsung has fulfilled its promise in this aspect. It has incorporated a versatile and accurate fingerprint scanner on its Home Key and the phone can be unlocked by just rubbing your finger on it. This feature is revolutionary in more ways as it has taken the phone to the next level of development. The fingerprint scanner just makes your password to lock and unlock the phone obsolete. You can expect that the day that you totally forget using all your passwords is not far off as more apps will soon be available to do this. Thus Samsung has built on its promise of a secure Galaxy S5 that assures that all your precious data is safe and secure 
  • Heart rate Monitor– another good feature on a Smartphone. This is good for Health buffs and those who are actually having some heart conditions. All you have to do is to place a finger on the Flash light of your Galaxy S5 and a sensor takes your Pulse rate and you will get your heartbeat rate within 8 seconds. This is very handy and significantly important feature to be seen in the flagship product of Samsung, the latest Galaxy S5 32
  • Best Camera around– Galaxy S5 comes with the best of the cameras on a Smart phone. If you are a multimedia oriented person, you will be happy with Galaxy S5 as Samsung has incorporated its best camera with a 16 MP image sensor as the main camera on the Phone. With this you can easily shoot 4K videos that are not possible with other cameras that are currently available in the market. With this there are lots of options in using the camera and you will be simply astonished by its clarity and color rich fantastic imaging capabilities 
  • Waterproof design– Samsung has claimed that its Galaxy S5 is waterproof up to 12 meters depth. But it does not mean that you can take your S5 with you while going for swimming. But this is a nice feature that will assure peace of mind while holding your expensive S5 near water areas 
  • Longer Battery life– The Galaxy S5 comes with a stronger battery and software support that has redefined the power saving features and due to all these your Smartphone stays alive for another 24 hours than its predecessors before you plug it in for a recharge.

All these important features must help you decide if the Samsung’s boasted Flagship product has all the necessary punches that compel you to take your wallet out to pay for the new Galaxy S5.

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