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Are you a futurist who always looks for more comfortable ways to do his job? If you are, you must be using Bluetooth keyboard and voice input. The combination of these gadgets makes our lives more pleasant and cozy.

For short commands and queries, the use of voice input is perfect. But what happens when you need to compose a longer text, such as email.

The voice input is frustrating when you need to write long paragraphs. Writing long and appropriately written text is almost impossible to be done with voice input.

When writing complex and longer documents, the use of a keyboard is required. To write in comfort position the best solution is a portable keyboard with a compact size.

With the revolutionary product Tap Strap we are able to have even more cozy and enjoyable positions.

Unlike conventional keyboards, it doesn’t come with a bunch of keys. The Tap Strap device is a simple strap you worn on the fingers. With outfit such as fingerless glove with built-in sensors this gadget detects the individual finger movements and with the help of his onboard processor, it translates them into characters.


Regardless the personal preference for usage of the left or the right hand, the Tap Strap can be worn on either the hands. The device is turned with three taps of the thumb. If you wish to shut down the device, you need to do three taps with the ring finger.

When activated, the device can be paired with any Bluetooth device. When paired with a Bluetooth device, you should simply tap your fingers on anything to start the registering of the characters.

A single charging is good enough for four hours of usage.


In the beginning, the typing process seems too complicated. With a little training effort through the app called TapGenius you will get the hang of the things. The vowels are assigned to each of the fingers and with various finger combinations you’ll be able to produce the rest of the characters.

The Tap Strap comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Its official release is scheduled in the fourth quarter, and it’s expected price is $119.

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