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Xperia z2 price

Sony_Xperia zii

Xperia z2 price Sony announced Xperia Z1 at IFA in September 2013. Now all the eyes are on the Sony’s next flagship that is Xperia ZII. Xperia ZII is code named as Xperia Sirius. This time Sony is working very hard in order to be...

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Xperia z2 VS Lumia 1050

nokia 1050

Xperia z2 vs Lumia 1050 Now here we have brought a competition between the two  giant smartphone makers that is  Nokia and Sony, both these smartphone makers are struggling very hard to hold their positions. Sony after getting split from  ericsson is trying its level...

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Xperia Z2 Leaked Specs

Sony Xperia Z2 release Date possibilities

Xperia Z2 Leaked Specs Expected to release next year in April, the rumors are up and running again as Sony is all set to launch its best smartphone, the all new Xperia Z2. Xperia Z1 didn’t live up to the expectations and was a bit...

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