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Microsoft announced Nokia X2 Android smartphone


Nokia has officially announced their latest smartphone Nokia X2, a successor to their first Android smartphone Nokia X. Just like its older brother, Nokia X2 is intended for the lower part of the market as a budget device, so the differences between the new and...

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Nokia presented its first flexible displays


Nokia has presented its first flexible screens which could be flexed one or three times and which can hold up to 100 000 flexes, according to the press release issued by the team which created them. Nokia has presented a prototype of 5.9 inch OLED...

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Nokia Lumia 930 is the new Windows 8.1 flagship model

Nokia Lumia 930 announced at Build 2014

Stephen Elop a ex Nokia CEO and new Microsoft exec has revealed the first flagship smartphoneto feature Windows 8.1 at the annual Microsoft conference Build 2014, it is Nokia Lumia 930. It is a first flagship smartphone to feature Windows 8.1, and it comes with...

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Nokia X: What could people really like about it?

Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL

Nokia X is the first android phone that company from Finland has announced, and the users reactions haven’t been left out. It has been rumored that Nokia has allegedly received 1 million pre orders for this smartphone in China alone, in just four days. Nokia has...

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What to expect in MWC ?

retina scanner

What to expect in MWC ? We know that  in February this year ,MWC (Mobile World Congress ) is going to be held in Barcelona. The event is scheduled from 24th -27th February. The main question that people are asking is that what are they going...

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Xperia z2 VS Lumia 1050

nokia 1050

Xperia z2 vs Lumia 1050 Now here we have brought a competition between the two  giant smartphone makers that is  Nokia and Sony, both these smartphone makers are struggling very hard to hold their positions. Sony after getting split from  ericsson is trying its level...

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Nokia Lumia 2520:News

Nokia Lumia 2520

Nokia Lumia 2520:News Nokia Lumia 2520 is a windows RT tablet belongs to one of the successful series in gadget market code named as”Lumia Series”. Lumia Series is line of devices such smartphone and tablet designed and developed by Nokia.Lumia series was launched or you...

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