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Six years evolution of iPhone in 6 minutes


Things in the industry of smart devices have changed significantly since the first iPhone has been introduced, and the changes have happened mostly due to its constant evolution and great acceptance of the public. When the iPhone 3G was launched, the people were amazed with...

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Chinese mobile provider has just revealed iPhone 6


In normal circumstances it is bet not to anger giant as Apple, however, maybe China Telecom knows something that industry doesn’t. Apple yet has to officially present iPhone 6, but that hasn’t stopped the Chinese  partner to publish a post on Asian social network Weibo...

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Apple is preparing iPhone 6C?

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It is expected that Apple will host a conference during September where they will unveil the next generation of iPhone. Until now there have been only glimpses about iPhone 6 (or iPhone Air as some claim) that should be available in two sizes – with...

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iPhone 6 will maybe have 128GB internal storage

iPhone 6

Even though a lot of time had to pass, maybe we will finally have an opportunity to see a smartphone from Apple which comes with 128 GB of internal storage space. Built-in internal storage space has been growing steadily in the past years, and the...

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VIDEO: How thin will iPhone 6 be?


Unbox Therapy has uploaded a new video where he compares this 3rd party possible “iPhone 6” case with the current generation iPod Touch, due to its thin body. If this case turns out to be accurate, we’ll be seeing a very thin iPhone 6. Check out the comparison...

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What would users really want from an iPhone 6?

Apple iphone 6c

While Apple is preparing for unveiling of its next generation of iPhone, internet is being flown with hundreds of rumors and guess matches what the users could expect. Regardless if it’s going to be called iPhone 6 or somehow different, the users would like to...

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Is Apple Launching Its Wearable iWatch In 2014?


The concept of new age mobile phones arrived in 1997 when Ericsson launched GS 88 Penelope and it became the world’s first mobile phone to be known as a smart phone. In 2007 you witnessed the grand launch of the first generation iPhone series and...

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