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Google new smartphone venture


Google new smartphone venture Google’s smartphone venture takes us into depths. With the success of Nexus series, Google is continuing it’s fight for the throne with the new Nexus lineup with Nexus 6 and Nexus 10.2 tablet following the Nexus tradition. Since there is no...

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Nexus 6: A Perfect Masterpiece


Nexus 6: A Perfect Masterpiece As soon as a smartphone is released, start the pre-orders and people start coming up with a bagful of questions. Amidst all this are born rumors for its successor. As soon as Nexus 5 was released on 31st October last...

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Nexus 10.2

Google Nexus 10.2

Nexus 10.2  Many people were eagerly waiting for the Nexus 10.2. Now this upgrade of nexus 10 or we can say that this new 2nd generation of Nexus 10 has reached its wrap-up stage. Now lets briefly describe the new Nexus 10.2 tablet 1. Feature...

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