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Meridiist Infinite is the latest invention in the world of unique smart gadgets from the tech hub of the world’s most famous wristwatch making company non another than Tag Heuer. This smart phone is grabbing amazing attention from all parts of the globe as it has been powered with a solar panel charging mechanism in which it doesn’t require any external assistance for charging.


Perpetual Power Reserve

The smart device has a significant functioning to charge its battery on its own when it goes into the standby mode. The extraordinary impressive feature has been achieved by incorporating with Wysips Crystal technology. A transparent photovoltaic component is organised between the LCD display and the sapphire glass. The charging process initiates automatically when the solution comes in the exposure of natural as well as artificial light. Wysips Crystal technology is a highly authentic intelligent development by Sunpartner technologies and the concept is getting popular as Perpetual Power Reserve.

Design and specifications

Meridiist Infinite seems to have inspired from Nokia’s designing. The smart phone reminds you  the broad yet sleek Nokia’s handsets which happened to be prevalent quite a few years back. The device has been crafted by making use of Titanium grade 5 components, Carbon fibre and mouldable glossy rubber. The first look of the gadgets showed it in contrasting silver grey and black colour. If you look on the specifications chart you find 2.4 inch LCD display with a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. The device has been equipped with a 5 megapixels rear facing camera and the total internal storage is 8GB.


This royal impressive and elegant mobile phone is going to cost you around $6000. Shocked! You are absolutely surprised. You must be thinking what exactly boomed the price so high. The design? The specification? Or the Perpetual Power Reserve? The best answer is hidden in the brand and everything which gets associated with Tag Heuer.


The extraordinary device will be available in the select stores only. If the latest news is to be believed the company is going to come out with the limited edition of 1911 pieces only.

Worthwhile or not

Meridiist Infinite seems like a statement making gadget which offers less features and has more to show about the latest Perpetual Power Reserve. Its designing appears as the weakest zone which is being majorly criticized by the several tech analysts. The time when every smart phone company including Apple is trying to bring bigger screen display, the 2.4 inch LCD display doesn’t justify the price value and Tag Heuer standard. You still have to wait to hear for the sound quality and the other most important specifications like the CPU and its speed.


There have been different rumours about the release of this splendid device. Sources tell that it might come to the markets in the mid of 2014 as Tag Heuer has its stock ready and the company is working very hard on the product’s marketing.

Meridiist Infinite surely makes to the league of distinguished yet desirable gadgets but only for the affluent buyers.

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