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Company Swatch plans to launch its own smart watch next summer, which will be called Swatch Touch.

CEO of Swatch Nick Hayek has told for Reuters that the device will be equipped with a few different sensors which will be especially useful for sportsmen and active people.

“Every big tech company wants to work with us, and we do not exclude the cooperation in different sectors, however there are things we can launch by ourselves” – says Hayek.

Swatch has earlier rejected the possibility of manufacturing of a smart watch, because its official consider that that kind of devices aren’t elegant enough. However, the pressure is getting bigger due to the possible announcement of the Apple iWatch, so Swatch is worried and the same move is expected from them as well.

It seems that Swatch officials have been scared off by Apple, so it is possible that they will try and block the iWatch sales by filing a pleas focused on its name, considering that Swatch owns the device called iSwatch.

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