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Steve Wozniak, one of the Apple founders has always been open for all platforms, however he claims that he got rid of his Samsung Gear smart watch just after using it for only half of a day.

Samsung Gear Live
Even though, many of us still don’t have any need to own a smart watch, Steve Wozniak, however sees the need for it, but not for Samsung Gear.

Despite he is famous for accepting many of the Android devices, Samsung Galaxy Gear obliviously isn’t one of those devices.

He has had an opportunity to try the Samsung Gear which he has called inadequately depressing.

“That was the only piece of tech I purchased in order to experiment with it, and which I have sold on eBay, just after using it for half a day, because it is practically useless’. – Wozniak said.

Wozniak wants something with bigger screen that will offer him all necessary information  on his wrist.

One of the reasons why Samsung has launched Gear, was an attempt to be in front of its main competitor Apple.

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