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Spotify Taste Rewind

Spotify is one of the most popular mobile apps and it’s always trying to satisfy all of their users as well as their big group of podcasters and publishing agencies. That’s why it hasn’t been a surprise that their latest feature called Taste Rewind was released without any media tensions and public leaks. They’ve simply created this feature and made it available to all of their users.

Taste Rewind is a feature that will allow you to access dozens of playlists from different periods in music history, based on your latest plays. The feature is accessible through a dedicated site called simply “Taste Rewind” where you can accesses your current Spotify music collection, which will shape the suggestions you get.

The basic idea of this new feature is to do a little user customized time travel that will allow you to discover songs you’ve never heard about yet are close to your taste of music. It’s also a very simple app to use as it starts with you connecting your Spotify account and answering questions like “Which are your favorite artists”, “What is your favorite song” and so on.

After customizing the app to your taste, you’ll receive a huge playlist for each decade from the modern history of music beginning from the 1960’s and ending with the 2000’s. You will be able to preview the first song of each list and have the option to share them or add them to your Spotify account.

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