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Sony Xperia Z2 release Date possibilities

As we know that Sony Mobile is planning to launch its new flagship device  and successor to Sony Xperia Z dubbed as “Sony Xperia Z2 ” in its one of the most Successful series of smartphones. The rumours about the hardware and software specification of Sony Xperia Z2 are spreading all over the internet and speculators and tech-analyst are believing Sony Xperia Z2 supposed to be include better feature than Sony Xperia Z1.

xperia z2

xperia z2

As we know that it has been few months to the launch of its predecessor Sony Xperia Z1 but the rumours about the released date of Sony Xperia Z2 are already buzzing in the air.As far As features of Sony Xperia Z2 are concerned, it is believed to be feature 5.3 inch display, along with 3 GB of RAM and it may operate on latest android 4.4 KitKat. Xperia Z2 will also maintain the concept of water proof and dust proof like all its predecessors. one of the key feature of Sony Xperia Z1  was  20.7 MP camera with G-lens but in case of Sony Xperia Z2 it is believed to offer 25 MP camera along with 3400 mAh of battery backup.
Apart from its feature,we can expect the Sony Xperia  Z2 to be release  sometimes next year but the main questions arises in the mind of every fan of Xperia Series is “WHEN” ?

Sony Xperia Z2 release Date possibilities



So,there are several  release date possibilities of Sony Xperia Z2.So here is a list showing all possible release dates for the Sony Xperia Z2, and how likely it is to release then.

Early Next Year( Jan-March)/( least Likely):-

It is least likely that Sony Xperia Z2 will release during this period because As I have already told you that it has been only few months to launch of Xperia Z1. and several indicators  suggest that Xperia Z2 won’t release before April of 2014.

Mid Next Year(Apr-Jul)(Most Likely):-

The rumours and speculation all over the internet indicates that this period for the release date for Sony Xperia Z2 is mots likely to happen and mostly April 2014. As you know that most of the other smartphones supposed to be released during this period.

Late Next Year(Aug-Dec)(Less likely):-

We feel it is less likely to release during this time but this is surely a possibility because other devices of Sony like Sony Xperia Z1 has been released during this time.

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