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Sony Xperia Z2 price in India

As you know, Sony Xperia z series refers to flagship smartphones manufactured and marketed by Sony Mobile.it is one of the most successful series till now which includes smartphones like Sony Xperia z,Sony Xperia Z1. it is now planing to launch its new flagship device codename as”Xperia Z2 avtar”  expected t be release in April ,2014 .on the internet, you can easily find the rumours about its hardware and software specification but here in this article we intend to inform you that how much it will cost you in India whenever it is going to be release over there.Before we discus the price tag of this ultimate flagship, Lets have a look on the price tag of its predecessor.

sony Xperia Z2


Sony Xperia Z1:-

Sony has launched its flagship smartphone code named as” Sony Xperia Z1″ which comes with 5 inch HD display and powered by 2.2 GHZ quad-core snapdragon 800 processor along with 2GB of RAM.Like its predecessor dubbed as”Sony Xperia z” ,Xperia Z1 is also waterproof and dust proof.Most highlighting feature of Xperia Z1 was its 20.7  MP camera along with G-lens. Sony launched its ultimate flagship device with price tag of 44,990.00 INR in India.

Sony Xperia Z2:-

As market competition is growing,Sony is planning to launch its new flagship device believed to released in early next year.As I have already told you about the rumours flooding all over the internet, tech-addicst out there are speculating Xperia Z2 will give a good fight to other smartphones from Nokia, HTC ,Samsung.
If rumours come true then Sony Xperia Z2 will have features like 5.3 inch full HD display along with 3 GB of RAM and it may operate on latest android 4.4 KitKat. Speculation and rumours also revealed about its 25 MP camera along with 3400 mAh battery backup.
Tough no official confirmation is out there but we are expecting Sony Xperia Z2 will have price tag around 55,000.00 INR inside india

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