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While Sony is slowly getting ready for unveiling of its new model Xperia Z3, there are rumors coming from China which claim that Sony has even bigger plans.

The renders of the alleged Xperia T3X phablet that will maybe be a successor to Z Ultra model have surfaced on the website digi-wo.com along with some pretty impressive specifications.

Renders are showing the device which has a 6.14 inch screen packing a Sony’s Trimaster EL OLED display with 2560 x 1152 resolution. This could be the first Trimaster display for the devices smaller then 7.4 inches.

The photos are also showing us a massive photo sensor on the back side of the device, maybe even bigger then the one that could be seen on Nokia Pureview, and the rumors are claiming that it will have 22 megapixels.

If these renders turn out to be true, Sony is perhaps trying to offer this device as an adequate replacement for a digital camera, because there are a lot of photo accessories shown on the leaked photo renders.

64-bit octa core Snapdragon 810 processor is also rumored as well as the 69.5 x 150 x 7.9 mm casing.

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