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This is a second chance for Japanese company we all know as Sony, to try and interest user for a brand new device these days known as smart watch. The first model branded just Sony Smart Watch wasn’t successful as anticipated, so now we have its successor to try and fix what his ancestor couldn’t do.

First thing that pops up, is that GUI and interface have been changed and the visual design has been redone. When it comes to tech stuff, it features better resolution; NFC chip is now available etc.

Smart watches are slowly becoming a thing,  but was Sony innovative enough to make us buy a smart watch for ourselves or someone we hold dear?

The popularity of wearable gadgets is on the rise, smart watches are just one of many devices that are trying to take over our daily lives, next to smartphones, tablets etc.
Do we really have a need to surround ourselves with so much technology? Of course it isn’t crucial for us, but as it seems it can be useful at many situations. Smart watches, bracelets and other types of wearable gadgets are increasing trend especially among the sports crowd.


Sony has become one of a few famous companies that have decided to offer its customers a smart watch, and we believe that many other companies are going to follow them. Sony has actually started to early, as predecessor of this model has been presented to the public in early 2012. 

SmartWatch 2 is a late bloomer which came out in late 2013.

What exactly does number 2 bring us? Are there any significant updates? It could be told, that it fixes the problems that its predecessor has had, but does it brings us something revolutionary? We couldn’t really use that term.

Specifications, Hardware & Design


In order to communicate with your smartphone the watch has its own Bluetooth 3.0 chip, but with clear message that the new Sony Smartwatch now has an NFC chip, which will offer alternative and much simpler pairing solution. When it comes to a display, we now have transflective LCD TFT instead of OLED display with increased size from 1.3 inches to 1.6. Also the higher screen size brings us higher resolution, from 128 x 128 (139 ppi) to 220 x 176 (176 ppi). Smart watch is in its core a simple device which doesn’t need a strong processor, so it has somewhat weaker Qualcomm chip-set, Cortex M4 CPU with working frequency of 180 MHz to be precise. Samsung Galaxy Gear is a bit better when it comes to hardware as it features 1.63 inch Amoled screen with resolution of 320 x 320 (278 ppi) and 800 MHz processor.

The first Sony SmartWatch wasn’t waterproof, but the SW2 now is. For instance IP57 certification allows the watch total water sinking which is something Galaxy Gear cannot brag with. To simplify things, you can swim or dive with it, and take a shower while it’s setup on your wrist. But there is always some kind of catch, when going into the water adventures; you should check that the cover for microUSB port is sealed, and the thing is after longer period of sealing the port, the seal could be damaged.


Sony SmartWatch 2 features a classy look with square shape with rounded corners. It has a strong and well-designed steel bracelet (rubber bracelet is also an option) which comes in 6 colors.  The SW2 features 13 recommended apps which include Facebook, Twitter, Calendar, Email, Messenger, Runtastic add-on etc.

Next to waterproof abilities, the best thing is being able to see what time is it, without powering up the screen, which is something Galaxy Gear cannot be proud of.

The huge downside of this model is the thing it doesn’t feature a speaker or a mic, so you can forget about talking like a Power Ranger with this one.

Battery is pretty good, and with extensive use it can last up to 3 days, which is a good result. Compatibility with all android phones is done pretty well.

SmartWatch 2 is a really fine device, but it seems that smart watches still need more polish, and more battery life in order for people to truly embrace them, as even the newest and best flagship models aren’t that good in user experience.


– It looks like a quality product
– Changeable bracelets
– Waterproof
– Great compatibility with all Android devices
– User friendly interface
– Lower price than Galaxy Gear
– microUSB and short charging time


– The display could have been better
– You must install smart display functions
– No microphone, speaker or camera
– Limits when it comes to notifications

The price is 138 EUR for steel bracelet, and 124 EUR for rubber bracelet.



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