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New 7S digital camera from Sony offers unlimited possibilities for creating stunning photos.
The Japanese company offers us new spring refreshment in the digital camera segment, a new 7S digital camera, a great camera with even greater photo capabilities and emotionally covered video recordings.

Sony 7S digital camera

Sony 7S digital camera

Sony adds its new almost soundless 7S model to the already recognized series of the smallest digital cameras with replaceable objectives and full format sensors, consisting of models 7 and 7R. This new digital camera comes with spectacular 4K photo quality.

The secret of new Sony 7S model lays in the specially developed 35 mm Emor CMOS full format sensor, which has upgraded the size of each individual photoreceptor, and it comes with only 12,2 megapixels which are highly effective. Thanks to BIONZ processor, this digital camera is virtually soundless, and new 7S model also offers a wide ISO sensitivity range – ISO from 50 to 409.600 for photos and from ISO 200 to 409.600 for videos.

Higher ISO range allows higher speeds of blend closing during photographing or recording with limited light, and because of extreme sensitivity of its sensors, the amount of light that 7S can absorb is extremely higher than the regular digital camera. Newly developed sensor allows photographers and cinematographers high dynamic range in all conditions, from extremely low lightning to direct sunlight.

Also in one frame this camera easily merges low and high density lightning so it makes it a great choice for catching scenes with high contrasts. This model can also makes shooting in low light conditions easier with its lengthy exposure option.

High quality photos can be saved on a memory card in 4K quality and video in Full HD quality, and also via AVC S format with speed up to 50 Mb/s.

BIONZ processor has been integrated into this digital camera and it allows high data speed transfer, and there is also an HDMI output for streaming video in 4K or allows recording to an external device or review of the material on a compatible display or monitor.

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