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In order to join in the fun, HP has just announced its own smart watch. This smart watch is really interesting, and there is a lot of possibility that it will put the competition to shame.

The company has joined forces with designer Michael Bastian in order to create a luxury design that could even be better then Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch that has received many positive comments about its design. HP’s smart watch has been designed to look like interior of a luxury automobile and it will be shipping with two bracelets. HP claims that the watch will send notifications to users for messages, emails, calls and other features, and the users will be able to control music as well. Considering that HP has designed the hardware, it looks like that they will design operating system for the watch as well, instead of using Google Android Wear, which was the choice for many other manufacturers. The company also claims that there will be standard apps that could be used on a watch just like the ones available on iOS and android.

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