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iTunes App Store is celebrating today its sixth birthday, and in that honer we are giving you some of the important numbers that explain how the Apple’s App Store road was from the beginning until today.

App Store nowadays offers more then 1.2 million apps, and the number of downloads is 75 million. The most downloaded and the most frequently downloaded apps are from Media and Entertainment categories, while at the bottom are calculators.

21% of all Apps added to the store since the beginning, are now extinguished, and  1 252 777 from 1 601 413 apps is still available.

The most extinguished apps come from Books, Entertainment and Utilities categories.

For the first time in history iOS apps are getting near to those on Android when it comes to Powers Users. Power users are using specific applications 10 or more times per month, while loyalty of users to iOS apps is 24% against loyalty of 21% for Android users.

There are currently 9 million registered developers who are working on iOS apps, which is an increase of 47% compering to last year.

Last year Apple has made 10 billion dollars on App sales, and developers have earned 15 billion dollars from the start of the first store.

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