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The team at Crazy Tech Tricks has come out with an innovative solution to an emerging problem in the Facebook community. One of the greatest enigmas for all of you that are hooked up to the most popular social media site till date is probably the darkness that surrounds the question of who visited your profile.

While LinkedIn has this feature as a standard option and you can check out who visited your profile in the past seven days, Facebook keeps things more private and will probably never add this feature. That’s why tech wise guys are here to give you an insight in the open source code of Facebook and how you can easily use it to your advantage.

The best thing is that the process of knowing who your Facebook visitors are is a very simple in nature and it will take the average internet user only couple of seconds to catch the grip of it. The problem is will Facebook allow its users to use this hidden feature for a long period of time or they’ve already started working on their code.

Here it is, the full 9 yards on how to see who’s visiting your profile:

  • Log in on Facebook and visit your profile page.
  • Press Ctrl+U at the same time in your keyboard in order to open up the source code.
  • The new window may seem a little bit confusing, but don’t worry it’s safe and easy to navigate through.
  • In order to find the list of people that have visited your profile recently just open up the search using CTR+F and write {“list” in the search bar.
  • Now look at the picture bellow and keep an eye on the long numbers that follow.
  • Each one of them is a facebook user. Just copy that code after facebook.com/ and you’ll get the profile of that specific person.
  • Example: for a code like 10234192997335 you will use facebook.com/10234192997335
 It’s really simple stuff and anybody can use it, just be aware that Facebook may change the code any day now.

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