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You’re one of those people addicted to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so it’s natural that you’re a selfie enthusiast. You may also run a donation campaign and this is one of the ways to engage with your audience. There are literally little million of scenarios in which selfies can be an important part of your life.

Naturally, you buy a GoPro camera or just get a selfie stick, and start taking selfies, but just before you post them on your profile one question pops up on your mind: Is this selfie good enough? Neglecting the psychological side of this modern phenomenon, let’s see if your computer can determine the quality of the selfies you take.

Andrej Karpathy, computer scientists collaborating on the improvement of industry heavyweight projects like Google Research and DeepMind, has created a neural network artificial intelligence that will tell you if you should post that selfie you made in your bathroom. Just as an explanation, the complex title of the project Mr. Karpathy worked on has a simple base of functions. It’s all about creating filters based on a visual recognition software.

Which means, the program will show you if a slefie is good based on predetermined values. For example, if the piacture features a girl, some points of determination the quality of the selfie include if her head is tilted, the size of her forehead and let’s say the form of her hair.

The system was fed with around five million selfies imported from twitter, mainly pictures that featured the #selfie hashtag. After working on the database, there were “only” two million pictures left. Karpathy set more than 140 million parameters that were all adding to the overall value of the selfie. As a conclusion of the research, next time you take a selfie you should aim to avoid bad lighting, do it on your own, and use a selfie stick if you have one.


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