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We’re all for smart technology, so seeing an intelligent vacuum cleaner just makes us happy from the inside. Roomba 980 is just that. The petite home buddy created by iRobot will fulfill all of your wildest housekeeping dreams, if they actually exist.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a product of its type in action, and there were lots of appearances by Roomba’s siblings in popular culture, just remember Jessy’s home in the TV show “Breaking Bad” and you’ll catch our drift. The difference maker between Roomba and others from its kind is the level of AI implemented in the software.

Built in camera and location sensors make Roomba 980 almost a unique piece of home equipment. There were instances of similar technology implications in the past, but they were just not good enough when we consider functionality. You would often see your automatic vacuum cleaner stuck in the corner of your bedroom leaving your house “dirty”. Well, that’s not the case with the 980 model, because the developing team behind it learned from its own mistakes present with previous model versions.

Real life tests show that the Roomba 980 cleans better and more thorough than any other previous model created by iRobot. When you combine this with the fact that you can schedule clean ups remotely from a desktop computer or any other smart device, you see Roomba in a light of a perfect house cleaner. This function comes in handy for land owners that rent more than one apartment. In periods when the apartment or house is sitting empty and waiting for its next guests, you can schedule regular cleaning sessions with one of more Roombas across the premises.

iRobot HOME App

All of this said, there are still couple of details like the constant need of charging and the overhauled price that place the Roomba 980 in the imperfect column of smart home keeping solutions. If you have the budget and you really need your home to be tidy all the time, Roomba will surprise you with its efficiency, but it’s still a gadget unsuitable for everybody’s budget.


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