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After many years of spreading rumors and official date push backs, Samsung has finally revealed their first smartphone which is based on the open source operating system Tizen. Model has a simple name Samsung Z.
Samsung Z
This smartphone comes with HD Super AMOLED display of 4.8 inches, and it features a finger print scanner. It is powered by 2.3 ghz quad core processor and has “Ultra Power Saving Mode” option which helps the smart phone to remain on even when the battery is almost totally empty.

The users of this smartphone will soon have many apps available which Samsung will offer over the new online market Tizen Store.

Samsung claims that the new software brings shorter start up time and multi tasking, and it should represent a middle step for separating Samsung from Google’s operating system Android.

Samsung Z is going to be released for sale in the fall. The sales will first begin in Russia and then in other countries.

Tizen operating system has been designed to run applications who have been written in HTML 5, and it is adjusted for all devices including smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, netbooks, wearable gadgets and more.

Just like Android, Tizen is also based on Linxu and it is supported by Tizen Project website.
However current 2.2.1 version is based from complex system of different licensed product.

For example startup animation, calendar or apps for music player have been published under Samsung’s license Flora which is considered to be opposite of requests of an open source system.
Samsung Z
At the beginning of this year there were rumors that the Galaxy S5 will be launched together with Tizen, but in the end that smartphone has been presented along with the new Android operating system. In the meantime Samsung has unveiled smart watches Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo which are based on Tizen operating system.

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