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It is already known that this kind of company doesn’t need much time in order to reach new record sales with every new device, but Galaxy S5 has been sold in 10 million copies in just 25 days.

Samsung Galaxy S5
This is a new record for the company that each year launches a new device of its Galaxy S brand.

Galaxy S needed 7 months to reach this number, while Galaxy S2 needed 5 months, Galaxy S3 needed 50 days and Galaxy S4 needed 27 days, just 2 days more than the S5.

Even though the number of delivered devices isn’t totally the same thing as sold, this is still an impressive record.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been simultaneously launched in 125 countries around the world, and this proves that the Samsung has done an excellent job in managing their distribution network.

Sasmung Galaxy S5 is company’s latest flagship phone and direct competitor to the iPhone 5S and upcoming iPhone 6.

These results have shown that Samsung has indeed struck the share of the market and it is now a recognized brand name in the smartphone industry.

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